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Values-based living and learning

Working in our community to make life better for everyone!
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What do great communities share in common?

The best communities are neighborhoods of diverse people living in accord and working for everyone’s best interests. What brings us together are common needs and hope for a better future. What keeps us united are shared goals and universal values.

We Baha’is promote these values and support a vision of equal justice and shared prosperity. We live and work in our community and we offer educational programs and activities for all ages. You and your children are invited.

Communities that learn and grow together, stay together through good times and bad. Communities that share a common vision and work together will make it come true, one heart at a time and one street corner at a time.

Let go of politics. Reject prejudice. Embrace the Golden Rule! We live together. Let’s work together!

What we offer

Our focus is the community. We offer unique values-based educational programs, classes, and workshops. Special focus is on children and junior youth. We offer:

These educational offerings are free and they are presented in the hope that local people working together will build a safer more vibrant community for all.

Join us!

Our goals are to foster social and environmental justice, the equality of men and women, the elimination of all forms of prejudice and discrimination, and to focus on the spiritual and moral education of our children and youth.

Children's Classes

Fun, age appropriate weekly classes in the community focusing on developing family values and virtues

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Junior Youth Empowerment

A series of free classes in the community focusing on developing social skills and virtues to help prepare for the future.

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Youth Classes and Workshop

Free classes in the community focusing on developing spiritual capacity, social skills, and a noble character

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Adult Classes & Service Opportunities

Classes focusing on spiritual development, social, economic, and environmental justice

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Reflections on the Life of the Spirit

A study of the spiritual nature of reality, prayer and meditation, and life after death

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Interfaith Devotional Meetings

Join us for interfaith prayers and meditations on a variety of subjects such as health and healing,

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